UNUM Health is a software company based in New Brunswick that has sprouted from an industry leader and provider of Home Care Services, as a “one stop” enterprise solution for home care.

Our Vision is to provide a solution that includes master database and mobile app to digitize and streamline productivity and communication, for anyone with a care plan to focus on wellness, increase safety and decrease liability.

Our Mission is to address the challenges facing our home care system to establish lines of communication, safety, reporting, and support for those with a care plan as well as their entire health care team. Engaging care providers and patients/ clients with an easy to use tool that is a daily part of life for tracking, finding support, sharing best practices and link access of information for all members of the extended health care team.

The real-time window into the home will increase transparency for everyone involved that will impact wellness and safety for patients and caregivers with information and support in ‘UNUM’ (One) spot.

Focusing on wellness, increased safety and decreasing liability, the tool will differentiate from other software currently on the market that provides back end or operational solutions for the home care industry by supporting the “people” element. UNUM believes that caregivers are the foundation for healthy clients and businesses, and our solution is supporting the front-line caregivers by sharing best practices, providing access to immediate live support and easy links to policy/regulation or chronic conditions for the right information.

Maintaining active communication, promoting education and building community, UNUM is changing the way industry monitors and supports clients and caregivers.

For More Information:

Please email us or call (506) 622-0808.