UNUM Health’s vision is to provide a home care solution that includes a mobile app to digitize and streamline productivity and communication, for anyone with a care plan to increase safety and decrease liability.

UNUM Health is a start-up software company offering technology solutions specific to the Home Support industry.  In operation since 2017, UNUM Health has its head office located in Miramichi, New Brunswick. It is owned and operated by CEO, Lisa Williams, a serial entrepreneur with vast experience working within the home support environment for over a decade.

In the past two or three years, there has been a noticeable shift in home support with increasing demands on client services, from basic to more complex care with less and less people entering this career path. Our provincial demographics show that we are getting older.

In less than five to ten years there will be more people demanding home support services and less people available to perform these duties.

The challenges in a paper-based environment have been arduous at best in today’s environment.  As we become busier with clients and balancing schedules, care plans and  increased liability and responsibilities, there is a gap in the marketplace for a technology solution that will meet the needs of this business and, on a larger scale, the needs of anyone that attends to an individual that requires a care plan.

It is important to note that there are few communication avenues open for real time and historical information on patients. The reality is that unless a physician goes to a patient’s home and physically reads the log on site, they are unaware of what is occurring in the daily life of that patient.

Sympathetic to the challenges facing our healthcare system and the increasing demands which will come, UNUM Health is thinking outside of the box and looking for solutions to address the issues for increased communication, safety, reporting and liability for the entire health care team.

As of July 2017, UNUM Health has started the software development with personal investment from the founder, Lisa Williams, to create a Business-Industry lead solution for the real challenges facing the day to day operations and care for clients with care plans.


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